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    Jan 20, 2005, 07:18 AM
    Better MP3 software/sorting solution
    Hi there...

    When I listen to CDs, I choose the CD by the cover art, but when I'm listening to MP3s its only after I hear it that I can see the cover art...
    Also, when I listen to CDs I have them shuffled all over the place.. not grouped by genre, but dynamically thrown into various piles and a lot fuzzier than "genre placing"... for example I would toss one CD in a certain pile cause they are similar to that artist, but at no point would I consider the underlying "genre"

    I've thought of ways to combat this... what I'm doing at the moment is to have my MP3 folder filled with the cover art of all the CDs so in windows explorer I can see the cover art instead of the folder Icon.. this is okay, but clumsy and ugly...

    Ideally I wanted to make a mod for a 3D game like half life 2 which dynamically created CD shaped boxes from image files it found in folders, allowing you to throw them around and select albums based on CDs rather than by a bunch of ugly letters (but I haven't got around to it)

    Are there any more attractive ways to do this? Is there any good folder browsing software? Any good mp3 software etc?

    Just a quick update... I would probably be content with a image file browser that could browse all images that are contained within every subfolder (eg show an image in the mp3/artist1/album1 alongside mp3/artist2/album2)...
    If this image could contain a hyperlink to a macro which copied the name of the folder, automatically removed the mp3 part and the slashes and then pasted that into the search section of itunes and then hit play, that would be spectacular! Maybe something VRML? I don't know...

    Sorry if this seems weird.. I just get a lot more out of my listening when I'm subjected to the context of finding the CD based on the cover art... it just seems more tangible and real


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    Jan 20, 2005, 10:19 PM
    I use itunes for my mp3 player, it automatically lists the genre and some other info on the song, not sure about anything that lets you view images. :eek:

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