In coming April I'm going to New York Medical College,USA to study medicine. But I'm curious what kind of hospitality I'll get there. I'm an Italian-british-indian. My father is an Italian and my mother is British-indian. My color is light brown to tanned.

When I go out I usually dress like Italian as I'm habituated with that and every time I went to Italy in summer I always receive very friendly attitude from the Italians even I say that I am Indian too. Now the problem is I don't look like my father at all nor like my mother, I got the traditional Indian look like my grandma who was an Indian though my dress, style, way of talking confirms anybody that I'm Italian.

So my question is in USA is there any chance that I face racial attitude as I'm an Italian or Indian. I don't have too much idea about USA but I've heard from my Nigerian classmate that they are racist and don't like black or brown people especially white ladies. My friend also told me that girls won't even talk to me or go out for a date as I'm dress like traditional Italian and I'm very polite when I talk with no aggressiveness and also I look like half Indian.

Now I never consider myself skinny(5 ft 10.5 inch, 45 inch chest, 29 waist, 16.5 upper hand), geek or insecure as I've lot of Italian and British friends both boys and girls who re mostly white and they're very nice to me. So do you think that any white or black color American don't talk to me or won't even consider to date with me.

And if possible give some advice how to talk or behave in USA with Americans. Please I do need help.