High school is almost over for me, and I am very serious about this relationship I have with my boyfriend. He is from Iran, whitch means his family is VERY different from my hot dog eating, loud, non-artistic, small, divorced family.
He is persian. His parents want two things for thery're only child.
1) An extremely prestigious education
2)Too stay true to the middle eastern culture. (Music, language ect)

Our parents do not understand each other and his have had withdrawals on his relationship with me. They know we have a high chance of attending the same college and even having a future. It scares them. This boy has been my best friend for years and my boyfriend also. I am willing to do anything to have a warm and peaceful relationship with his family.
I really needs advise and tips on how to show these parents that I have the best of interest for their son and only want to love him and see that he has an incredible future.

Please , give me any advise you have to offer!! Any is greatly appreciated