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    Oct 22, 2013, 02:09 AM
    Recurring Nightmare Meaning?
    I've been having a recurring nightmare about the torture/deaths of a few people. I know this may have some things to do with health but I'm more interested in the scientific aspects of it at the moment, and would like some opinions on a possible meaning. I'm not a squeamish person at all, but even this had my stomach churning, so I will be leaving out the gory details for the sake of anyone reading this.

    The setting is always the same. Its the same room, tables, chair, and torturer. The victims are always different, as well as the methods of torture/death. It takes place in a third person perspective, as if I'm watching, but not actually present in the dream. I do not know or recognize any of the people in the dreams.

    In the first one, the victim wasn't put through much, and he was released. I can't recall the reasons or any dialogue. In the next two dreams, the victims weren't so lucky. Both ended with the door to the room slamming as I heard their final moments.

    Some believe that dreams have meaning and that the meanings can be deciphered by the dream itself and represent things that may be happening or have previously happened in the dreamer's life. Any ideas?

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