Hi, last night my horse died. I went out to check on him and he was fine, just stood there in the sun eating grass, then I went out 5 minutes later and he was just dead on the floor. His gums were white and his eye membrane, could this just be because his circulation had stopped? Also his tongue seemed slightly swollen. He was no sweating and showed no sign of distress. Last year he had laminitus but this had completely cleared up. He was 19 years old, 14.2hh and a new forest pony, and seemed to have at least another 8 to 10 years in him, actually I haven't seem him look so well and full of life for a while. He was looked after like a Prince and was groomed and checked at lest oncec a day, his field didn't contain anything poisenous, in fact my other horse had been in the same field for over 3 weeks and never suffered anything. Im at a loss to what has happened to him anyone any well informed ideas?:confused: