Hi, So I have called several vets in my area and all of them tell me the same thing... that it is impossible for a female rabbit and a male guinea pig to breed. Here is my situation: I have a female rabbit that lives in the same pen as a male guinea pig. The female rabbit got pregnant with our male rabbit and we moved the male rabbit out of the cage still allowing the male guinea pig to stay in with the female rabbit. The female rabbit had 4 babies. One day when we went to go out and check on them (the babies had just turned a month old), we discovered that the female rabbit had a new litter of 3 babies. One died, leaving 2 babies. She was NEVER with the male rabbit and we only have 1 male rabbit. Was this immaculate conception, or is the male guinea pig the culprit. It's acutally kind of funny because these new babies actually look half guinea pig/half rabbit. They really don't look like the other baby bunnies who are a month old. Does someone have any answers out there?