All right, I've ordered a Nintendo Switch online from Gamestop on November 24th, which is supposed to come with the system and a $50 gift card. Cool stuff.
However, the system came in the time promised 4-7 business days, but the gift card did not. Not a physical copy nor in an email for an electronic version.
It's been just about two weeks and after emailing the Gamestop store, Gamestop customer support, calling Gamestop store and calling Gamestop customer service 2 times, they all said within a 2-3 days.
I first called on the 27th, and again on the 2nd. Calling the store just redirected me to customer support.
They also charged me twice for the system ($299.99x2), and that still has not yet been resolved when they said they'd fix it.

So my question is what do I do about this when clearly customer support isn't really working? Am I just straight up being ripped off?