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    Apr 23, 2017, 02:53 PM
    Should charlie get the money?
    John and Charlie bought a Juice bar/trailer in May 2016 for 5000. Charlie then decided in August that he doesn't want the trailer anymore and asked John If he wants to buy his share of him or sell it as a whole. John said that he would like to buy his share of Charlie. So Charlie gave John till end of September to gather the funds to own the full trailer by himself. It is end of September, Charlie asks John for the money and John now says that he wants to sell it as a whole which means Charlie has has to now wait to get his half until the trailer is sold. Charlie and John both decided they were going to split half of what they got.
    Charlie has now listed the trailer on Internet for 6999 and got 1-2 viewings. Out of the blue John said he sold it for 5500, then Charlie asked John how much he listed thr trailer for and when he listed it as he didn't mention anything about it to Charlie.
    Charlie then got suspicious about the amount John actually sold the trailer for so Charlie asked John for thr contact No for the buyer of the trailer. Charlie then contacted the buyer of the trailer which turned out to be one of Johns friend and not the actual buyer.
    Charlie caught John out for lying about the amount he got for the trailer and finally John said he got 6000 (still might not be true).
    Charlie now asked for the asked for his half of the money which would be 3000, but John disagreed and said he doesn't think Charlie deserves the other 500 because behind Charlies back John decided to buy liability Insurance for the trailer and also stock for the trailer which Charlie was completely unaware about. Charlie was confused as to why John did this after saying he wanted to sell the trailer and not keep it after making Charlie wait for over 2 months. John said that the insurance was bought in case the trailer was stolen but didn't mention anything about it to Charlie. John then said that the additional items brought was in included in the price of the sale but wasn't mention to Charlie before the sale.
    Also to add, John received a business startup grant from his University In which he had to show a live and running business for which he had to buy the stock mentioned above.
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    Apr 23, 2017, 05:33 PM
    I gather this is your homework? What class, Business? Ethics?
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    Apr 23, 2017, 06:44 PM
    Did Charlie ask John when he placed the add for the trailer? If not, then he's just as bad as John, only John actually got a buyer, whereas Charlie didn't.

    Charlie and John should each get what they originally put into the trailer. Any additional costs during their ownership of the trailer should be written out and discussed and should be part of what each gets in the end. In other words, yes, John should be reimbursed for the money he spent insuring the trailer.

    But that's just opinion, it's not law.

    If Charlie is really unhappy, then he needs to go to court.

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