Hi Clough and Stringer,
Could someone please give me a rough idea as to how long it might take to clean a new construction home? I have one that is 2500 sq ft and not sure if I'm fast or half fast.
I know there are different circumstances that makes every place different but the adverage is about how many hours?
I just need to know if my fast isn't fast enough.
The construction crew is in there for the rough clean and it's a nightmare. Seems to me that there is a better way to do this. I'm only concentrating on the windows as far as removing the stickers, mud etc. Then I am doing inside around the windows for the mud and paint.
After all that is done, the painter comes and seals the seams and paints. Then I have to take off the paint as well as clean the windows again.
Anything you can suggest would be helpful.
I know it's about 60% of the job but there has to be a little better way.