Re: Help To Get To Work

Dear Sir/Ms:

I am writing to request assistance from a organization for a vehicle for me to get back to work.

I realize this is not the traditional disaster, but it is one, and it is very hard to get help, I am hoping and Praying, you are my last hope.

A little history:

My husband and I had our home fraudulently taken from us, leaving us with no money and bad credit, lost everything, or sold the rest to pay our bills, so we are working very hard to start over.

We have always tried to do the right thing and here we are... now having to ask for help ourselves.

We just can't get ahead enough to buy a car and with the credit that we have from our loss we can't finance one either. I am desperately asking for your help, I want desperately to go back to work, but because of the current situation I can not, a car would help us through this bump.

I have worked hard trying to regain some stability for our family, but have come to a stand still on my job search until I can get a car.

I am aware that there are many challenges to face, one of those is the financial cost of a vehicle. For this reason I am looking for a way to offset those costs with some extra financial assistance. I work hard at whatever I have to achieve and the person who decides to help me fund my search for employment, with a vehicle, will not regret having done so.

If you would like to know more about me please feel free e mail at

Thank you for your time in considering my request for help, I look forward to speaking with you.