Here are my dilemmas. I own a two family home worth $925,000. I have $95K and five years left on this mortgage. This home gives me about $1,200 in income AFTER expenses are paid each month. I don't live in this home. I have $135K in a 401K and approximately $135K in stock. I have $16,000K in the bank. After some renovations on my home this year, I owe about $30K on credit cards (at 0% interest for the next year). I am currently unemployed, but hope to find a job within the month. What do I do with my stock, which I want to sell because I don't want to be piggish... it is at a high right now so it is a great time to sell, but what do I do with that money after the sale? I keep thinking that paying off the mortgage is the best idea... what do you think?