I am a 23 year old full time college student and I work part time as a cashier. I just received a summons to appear in court for the amount of $2900.00 that they say I owe them from a card two years ago. I stopped paying on it over two years ago. This is higher than the actual amount of the balance on the card. My question is what can I do now that it has gone this far. I don't have the money to repay at this time, I have no money saved up, I barely make enough to pay my bills each month. I cannot afford an attorney to help me through this. I could make a payment each month, but not a whole lot. Does the prosecutors office work with the person, once it has gotten this far?

My father died last year, and he was going to help me get through my debt, I don't talk to my mother, and have no other way of paying the balance in full. Is it too late to try a debt program since its already a summons to court? What are my options at this point? Will I go to jail, can they take my car? How do I get myself out of this mess.. I appreciate any advice anyone can give.