Okay... So, I'm 18 years old, I have no credit and I have no Co-Signer, therefor I can not get a loan. I need close to 6,000 dollars and I need it within one month. I can honestly say that it's a life and death situation, not only for me, but for someone I love dearly, I can not give up, so I've decided to just do anything and everything that will make me some cash... Well, I don't have a lot of idea's, I have no car and no ride and no money to pay for taxies, so, for the moment a job would be a hard thing to get and keep. I have probably a few hundred dollars worth of things that would sell on eBay, but that wouldn't even get me nearly the amount of money that I need. 6,000 dollars is a lot of cash and I would appreciate any suggestions to make this ASAP.