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    How to send text to a cell phone via email
    For those who use their cell phone to text, you can send them an email - and they will receive it as a text message.

    Below is a list of subscribers and the format that you need to use to send an email to their cell phone.

    If any of you have additions or corrections, please reply to this thread.

    If your email is rejected, then you will need to call the person that you're trying to send to, to confirm who their provider is.

    Please do NOT reply to this thread about how this works. If you have questions about how this works, then click here to ask a question.


    AT&T (formerly Cingular), or, or

    Boost Mobile

    Nextel (Now Sprint Nextel)

    Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel), or


    US Cellular, or

    Verizon, or

    Virgin Mobile USA

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