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    Feb 24, 2006, 10:59 PM
    Copy Of Cell Phone Bill
    I Recently Returned From Out Of Town To Find That My Wife To Be Had Pretty Much Cleaned Me Out And Has Taken My Son And Will Not Give Me An Address Or Number. I Have Her Ssn, Cell Phone Number, And Dob. Is It Possible For Me To Get A Detailed Copy Of Her Cell Bill For The Last 4 Months?
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    Feb 24, 2006, 11:38 PM
    I am sorry to hear that your fiancé left you high and dry.

    I also read your other post.

    You have her SSN, Cell Number (as I addressed somewhat in your other post), and DOB (I’m glad, considering you were set to marry her).

    Quote Originally Posted by S HOOPER
    Is It Possible For Me To Get A Detailed Copy Of Her Cell Bill For The Last 4 Months?
    Most likely not. And why would you? I don’t see the connection there. A phone company shouldn’t give out that information. Now, you could lie to them and everything, but then you are committing fraud and then that will be worse off for you.

    I get that you are trying to track her down. Try the phone book. Try online yellow-pages. Talk with her family and friends. Hire a private investigator.
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    Feb 25, 2006, 05:56 AM
    If this is a joint account perhaps, with the information you have you most likely could look that info up on the internet from the company she is using if it is one of the major ones.

    But what you need to do is stop playing police ( what would you do besides go over where she is and get arrested if you found her right now)

    Go to an attorney, hire him to file for divorce asking for 1/2 of all your property, full custody of the child and her to pay your child support.

    ( you did not mentin if there was a reason for her to leave you.)
    ** i.e. drinking, cheating, abuse**

    But when you file, the court will attempt to locate her to serve her paper work. Let them do this, or as soon as she is aware she is being sued for divorce.

    At this point, she could have still used theold address for biling, or even a fake address, all she has to do is go into the store and pay the bill in person. Or have a prepaid cell phone you don't even register your name.

    Start the legal stuff and she will show up
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    Feb 25, 2006, 06:06 AM
    For a short time, I was a Customer Care Representative for one of the largest cell phone companies... had to retire to be at home with my wife, who is not in good health.
    I had many requests for things just like this.
    Yes, you can get a copy of the records, ONLY if you can identify the account when you call the celll phone company.
    When you call, the Representative will ask you to verify the account. If the account is in your wife's name, you will be asked 4 or 5 security things. If you know them, there is a good chance you can be mailed a copy of the calls.
    There is also a chance you may need a Court Order to get them.
    Call the cell phone company, and find out. I do wish you the best.
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    Feb 25, 2006, 07:50 AM
    There was recently a flap about sites that where selling cell phone activity records. Most, if not all, of those sites have now been shut down and cell phone companies are tightening up access to those records. So the likelihood of you being able to get them is extremely small.

    So is your ability to use the GPS feature, if the phone is so equipped. That feature is only available to the cell phone carrier. Its included for 2 reasons, a) to pinpoint location in case of 911 or other emergency calls and b) for use with features like finding nearby restaurants if the user wants to.

    But one thing disturbs me about your note, you claim your "wife to be" has "taken your son"! Is this a child you had together? Is there a custody agreement in place? Basically, I'm wondering why you are wasting time asking questions like this on a site like this. Why aren't you talking to your attorney (if a custody agreement is in place) or the police (in either case). This might be a kidnapping case in which the police will get involved.

    So stop trying to get fancy with doing your own detective work and go to the people who can truly help. Or is there something you aren't telling us?

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