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    Nov 1, 2009, 02:24 AM
    Boulder g'z one orange (Spyware on it?) how can I see what software is on phone? Copy
    Have a mini sd card. Thought I could put software on card that when read it would copy all files software to card so I could view on computer..
    My girlfriend is up to something.. I know somthings not right.. She's covering her tracks and knows everything I do.. Think she's cheating and uses gps to see when I'm coming home? How can I see what's up with phone. Have data cable but only links phone book. It's the orange phone. She has a lg chocolate and I think she sent me bits and pieces of program in texts? She can put a mini sd in when I'm sleeping also..

    The phone had a media file but its gone. Also some pictures on phone that were not there when I got it have little red padlocks on lower corner. Some files are larger than on my friends phone.. What do I do? If this is true and I take care of her hack job how can I hack her phone?
    PLEASE help me...
    Is there a way to send a program to her phone that will bounce back in a text message?
    Her recent calls never change.
    Also on her verizon account it said she had two numbers? She only has one...
    Ask me to find out any info you need and I will get back to you..
    My email is >Removed<
    Thank you so much..
    Willing to pay someone in spokane wa area to help or take care of this issue?
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    Nov 7, 2009, 04:36 PM

    Hi there

    I know the feeling dude, I caught my girl with

    Install the corrosponding software to here phone and run it. That's if it's compatible with here phone.
    What this sotware does is record the messages and call logs. It sends these logs to the mobilespy website every 30min or so.
    To view to reports, just go to their website and login.
    It only gives a 7day trial though

    Listen, if you really love this person, try to work things out first.
    AND IMPORTANT, if you love her and want to be with here, do not tell her about the software... She will hate you EXTREMELY for this. Rather look on the logs for a damning sms and confront here by telling here you received a message from here saying:"....". So she whould think she put in your number by mistake...

    You know the 80/20 rule right? Basically it means that a spouse will always only give and get 80% from you, that 20% only other people can give. When they leave you, they go for that 20% and realize that very quickly that they made a mistake and want to return. If this happens once, let her come back and learn from the experience...
    If this does not stop, then, I can't make that choice...


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