I own my home and my neighbor of about 5 months is renting his house, I have had the police at his house twice, because he kept blowing the leaves in the road or making piles at the end of my driveway, after I nicely asked him several times not to do it. The second time the police came, they gave him a ticket because he was nasty to the police. He has given me the finger, yell at me, and called me swear names,(this man is probably 60). He turns his truck sideways in the driveway in the middle of the night and shines his lights in my house. Now he is making piles of leaves against a chain link fence which is the only thing that separates our property, so all the leaves are coming in my yard anyway. I talked with the home owner in person after the first police visit, not very helpful, her answer was as long as they pay the rent. Today I called her again, this is about two weeks after the second police visit, and after he was ticketed. Her response was I am not getting involved, and I haven't had time to talk with them, and again she said as long as they pay the rent that it was not her problem. I told her she is responsible for her property,(if someone was to get hurt). She got very nasty with me, and told me I could call her lawyer, and that she was reporting me to the police. It is sad that these people want to get rent money but don't want to be responsible for nothing, Not only is this neighbor disrespecting me, but disrespecting all the other neighbors. This all started with him shooting skunks and killing them, and another neighbor called the police, and he thinks I did it.