So, long story short, my husband and I have a blog on a site called Tumblr. It's basically a blog for us to share our sexual side with photos or videos, to the public. Now, on Tumblr, you can get submitted and asked questions by your followers. I recently received a few photo's from a 16 year old girl, pictures of her vagina, and her breasts. I have told her since not to send anymore photo's because I don't want any trouble with police or anything child porn related. Now, my question is. Since I didn't know she was going to send me photo's and I didn't ask for them, and deleted them right away, can I still get in trouble with the police? I really don't want photo's of 16 year old girls and I don't know why she thought it would be okay to send them to me.

Can I go to jail for this? Am I going to be labeled as a sex offender? This really worries me )))):