My 12 year old daughter was conspiring with her 12 year old boyfriend to have sex (intercourse). Fortunately we found out in time and are now restricting her freedom appropriately. However, the mother of the boy would like him to apologize to us (the parents) and she wants me to put the fear of God into him.

So I would like to know, if the 12 year old was successful in having sex with my 12 year old daughter could I charge him with anything? Would he be committing any crime? I've tried searching on the internet, but most Age of Consent information deals with a 3 year gap in age. Surely, there has to be some law in Texas that protects children in the same age group from having sex; while I know it's not likely practical or inforceable. Just the same if there is something, I would like to know what it is so I can scare this boy enough so that he has the rest of his childhood and teenage years not trying to impregnate other girls.

(I know, I could scare him with yelling, threats of violence and being Texas show him my
Gun if I owned one. Seriously though, I want to steer this boy in the right direction: away from my daughter, and away from other daughters as far as sexual activity goes.)