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    Sep 27, 2010, 07:22 PM
    Ssi and ssdi for income
    My ex gets ssi and ssdi but the ssdi is only counted as income for child support is that correct?
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    Sep 28, 2010, 08:23 AM

    How does he get both?
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    Oct 23, 2010, 02:03 PM
    I have an ex who now has a restraining order on me because I'm back with my wife. I call this hurt women's syndrome. She is trying to squeeze m ore support out of me even though io'm on ssi which isn't much and can't touch anyway, also lying and saying I through a beer bottle at their car from a car that had a cracked distributer and cannot start so the men who are dealing with this kind of woman, fight the hell out of her because she has no right to ruin your life or mine as the unnamed woman is doing. Don't let women like this get away with stupid crap like my ex. And if my judge on oct 27 2010 has any sense of justice and the truth, he will throw this out of the court room with no further action.ive got three kids that this is affecting and also have proof that I threw no such beer bottle at their car. Not to mention that I'm on parole, have been violation free for threwe years and why there hell would I mess my family, and parole up over her. Hence the expression hurt women's syndrome. If you women out therte don't like this fraze, tough, bedcause I am living it and know it is true. So u men out there in this situation, fight the woman to the death in the court room. Do not let them get away with crap like this. Because I will not let this woman screw up what I have worked so hard to achieve, especially when I'm get off parole in three months and have a wonderful family, and ill be damed if ill let this woman screw that up over hws.

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