I am a single mother of two adult children. I have been receiving disability benefits for the past 10 years. In late 2007 I was diagnosed with FMS or fibromyalgia syndrome. I have been treated unsuccessfully with three three typical medications for my condition. I've read of people suffering from the same ailment, claiming that Marijuana has greatly improved their quality of life. Now my question:

If I decide to try this "alternative therapy", or if information comes back to the Social Security Administration that my blood/Urine has tested positive for the use of marijuana, will my benefits be in danger?

I am well aware of any criminal aspects involved with possession of marijuana; my state is NY, and from what I have read, possession of small a amount of marijuana for personal consumption is essentially decriminalized ( citation ), also my financial situation would generally limit me to small amounts at any given time.

In Most of the research I've done on this subject, I've only come across situations where a person was denied benefits because of their marijuana/alcohol use. I have yet to come across a case involving a person already receiving their benefits. My $600 per month isn't a lot, but it's all I have.

I appreciate you're your time looking into this.