Hi, two days ago I sold a car that I was not aware had any issues. When the buyer was looking they drove it and looked at it extensively. I had driven the car regularly without any issues, but had just purchased another car. The purchaser did initially have a couple of concerncs and wanted me to take it to a mechanic for an inspection. They were going to leave a $100.00 deposit. I did not think it was worth my while and they left. Later in the evening, the buyer called me back and made an offer. I drove the car about 45 miles to meet half-way and delivered the car the next day. We signed a contract as is.

The next evening I received a call saying they had it checked out at a mechanic and it needs many things. I advised them that I would have a mechanic I know who worked on it call them. Well, today I received a call saying the just don't want it anymore and would like their money back. I would love to help them out, but I will have to reinsure it, re-register it etc. If it proves there is a lot wrong with it I am willing to give them some money back. Any ideas on the best way to handle this situation? I want to be fair with them, but I don't want to be left in the dark either. I dropped the price for them just to get it off my hands. I could have sold it to someone else. I am also willing to give them some money back to fix the vehicle. Now they just don't want it.

Actually, I just received another call from the purchaser wondering where they can return the car. I really want to be fair with them, but would just like to know my rights. Also,
Will I incur fees for re-licensing the vehicle or can the sale just be cancelled.

Thanks in advance for your advice.