I am homeless, and have been parking a few nights per week in a Walmart parking lot, for more than 2 years. A couple nights ago, the jerk pulling in carts for the evening decided to be a bigger jerk, and brought out another store employee directly over to me, by-passing every other person staying in the lot, all of whom are living on the lot 24/7. Well, these two employees make a big show of coming directly to my car, no one else's. And then making an even bigger show of pulling my wiper blade all the way up, then slapping it back down hard to the window, to hold their garbage flyer claiming "No overnight parking, or you will be towed". Yet no one else on the lot was targeted. I was singled out. For no overnight parking, they sure have a whole lot of people staying/living on the lot, when I am only there a few nights a week, for only a few hours. So why are they allowing all these other people to live on the lot, and tell me through their flyer to get lost? This is discrimination. How do I file a suit against them for targeting me and no one else? Please help. Thank you.