Im a maintenance manager Salary employee, I have been with my company 4 1/2 years. Ever since I worked for this company I have been on emergency stand by call 24 hours a day 365 days a week. Even when I am on vacation I answer emergency phone calls.
My company cell phone has become a part of my body, I sleep with it at my bed side and even take it into the bathroom when I take my showers as I am requested to answer it at any giving time day or night 24 per day 365 days a year. Does this mean I have been on the clock consistently for the past 4 1/2 years?
What are the limitations of a Salary employee, and is it against the law for one to be on call 24 a day 365 days a year even while on vacation.

My other concern is that being a Salary employee I am not required to punch a time clock. However recently I was assigned to a new supervisor who on top of my Salary status he is also requiring me to write down and keep track of my work hours, is this right?

Can anyone give me some direction or advice?

Sincerely Tired and Burnt out..