I am not sure if this is the right topic to post under but here it goes.
I was having a about of kidney stones I went to the emergency room and was assigned a urologist. I saw him and he set up an appoinment at the hospital to do a procedure to break up the stone (lipotripcy sp? ) and to put in a stent. When I awoke from surgery I found out they didn't break the stone up instead he decided to go up and remove the stone. But he couldn't get the stone and he actually pushed the stone back to the kidney.
When I went to have the stent removed the nurse told me that she would remove it. I explained that because of relegious beliefs that I only wanted the doctor or a male nurse to remove it. The doctor came in and examined me and said he and his nurse would be in to remove the stent. I explained to him also that because of my beliefs I only wanted he or a male nurse to remove it. He said no problem he would do it. So the female nurse took me to a room and told me to lay on a table. I did and then she started to lift my gown. I stopped her and told her that I had already explained all this and that the dr. was going to remove it. She said he was but she had to prep me. I said I would rather have a male nurse do this. She said she had to. I refused and asked if I could just take the stent out myself at home. She said no and that the dr. would not let me leave with the stent in. We discussed this for a good 10 minutes she said that she would lay everything out for the dr and he would do it then. So she left. A few minutes later she and the doctor came back in. I once again expressed my concern. I was told she would stay over to the side. The doctor raised my gown and started then he had the nurse come over to assist him. Afterwards I pushed the gown back down over myself. He told me "not to be a baby" and lifted the gown back up exposing me again and just left it there.
I am so upset. I feel like I have been violated. I feel like my soul has been ripped from me and that my GOD has no more use for me. I just feel dead inside. I don't know what to do. I can't get it out of my mind. Since then when I am driving my mind goes back to that and I have ran two stoplights because I am thinking about it and not paying attentiong to the road. I can't work because I just sit there at the computer and think about that. I wrote an email to the hospital and clinic. They are suppose to "call me back". I just don't know what to do. It is ruining my life. The thought of suicide has even crept into my mind. What do I do?