Relocated to Florida in Dec. of 08, and can't find the laws in re: to employer refusing to give me my paychecks. When I started the job, they held the first paycheck, so in the 2 months I worked there, I was paid once. Last Friday, was payday, and when they wouldn't give me my check that day, I quit. On Monday, I returned all my notes for my cases and memory stick with the confidential client info to them. They said I was missing notes, which I told them I wasn't. Now they are saying that they are keeping the 1st check, to cover the cost of them training me, and refuse to give me the last check too. These 2 checks total over $2,000.00. They say it's in the contract I signed, that they can keep the first check, but when I got home and re-read the contract, there is nothing at all in it, saying that they can/will keep that check for any reason. I am in Hillsboro county Florida, and need to know where I go from here.