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    Dec 7, 2007, 10:19 AM
    Probation troubles from state to state and county to county
    My boyfriend was on probation in IL, he is a truck driver doing local runs in KY and sometimes needing to run from MO to KY. Due to him working so much in KY we decided to move here. Well his probation officer told him to find a place to live. We had both lived in KY before and we didn't like the city he worked in or their school system for the children. So we went to the neighboring county which is only 20 miles from his work. After we signed the lease we told the IL probation officer and she said "no no you have to live with family" and this was the first time we had heard of this. Now we were in a lease that can't be broke without paying $1700. While he was still on the IL probation he did stay out here with me because he had a travel permit for all states. Now that KY has excepted him we can no longer live together and find this to be a problem. His probation officer advised him he had to contact IL and now his KY probation officer said whatever she says goes. Is there a law that says he has to live with family? They said if we get married so I would be family that it would take another transfer and would take several months. His probation officer doesn't even permit him to go see his children that stiill live in IL. We just believe that we are being screwed. I just can't move to his families house because it is crowed enough and even to crowed for him. Can anyone give me some good advise?
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    Dec 7, 2007, 11:36 AM
    Hello Red:

    Sure. Baring any special consideration HE has particularly, if he's an adult, he's not required to live with family. Apparently, you only need to prove that to the Ky PO. Ok.

    Write to the Illinois probation department and ask them for a copy of their written rules and procedures manual. In addition, ask them particularly to point out which one says that he must live with family.

    Of course, there isn't one. Just your request alone ought to get the Ill people to tell the Ky people, that he can live with you.

    Or, if they don't cave immediately (and they probably won't), you'll need to do a whole lot of writing letters. That's cool. Send them ALL certified, return receipt requested, and make sure the Ky PO get's a copy of everything you write.

    Maybe THAT will get them to understand that you want them to OBEY their own rules. Hopefully so.


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