My fiance' is in County Jail on misdemeanor drug charges. He is due to be released August 25 and has one year's probation after his release.
The problem arises in the fact that I am in Kansas, where we live, and he has been told that he must serve his probation in Indiana. He has an established life here with my children and me. Since being here he has not done drugs of any kind and has changed his lifestyle considerably. The only people he knows in Indiana are drug users and dealers. That environment is not conducive to his rehabilitation. If he stays in that state, he is more likely to return to his old life.If he comes home to Kansas he has a much better chance of staying clean. As a matter of fact, the bondsman that picked him up told me "If you care at all about this man you will get him out of Indiana as soon as possible.".
Isn't there some way to get his probation transferred from Indiana to Kansas?
Please, any help or information at all would be appreciated.