I wasn't sure where to post this. I recently sold a 1968 Porsche 911L. The contract that is signed by both parties states that cash payments were to be made in the sum of 5k by January of 2008 and that several odd jobs around my home were to be completed by Feb. of 2007. In addition, the buyer was to carry insurance on the vehicle. The contract also states that iof the buyer is in default of any of the conditions of the contract I would get the car back and he would forfeit all payments and labor. He has not completed any of the work and does not have insurance. He has made some payments, 2300. I called him to let him know that he was not living up to the conditions we had agreed on. He said,"too bad", and now I can't get the car back because he has an SUV parked in front of it blocking it in. I either want him to make good on the contract or give me back the car. I would prefer he just make good on the contract as I am a bit shy about private sales. What can I do?