I was honorably disharged from the Army, but I had an Art 15 (Non-Judicial Punishment) for "Illegal Use f Hallucinogen". NJPs are an administrative action OUTSIDE of the legal system. It is not a misdemeanor, nor is it a felony. It is a mechanism whereby the military can punish its own without having to resort to a Court Martial.

When I applied for a rifle puchase recently, I was declined. When I called the ATF and aske why, they said it was because of drug use. I requesed my FBI records, and sure enough, the Art 15 was listed... EVEN THOUGH IT IS NEITHER A FELONY OR MISDEMEANOR! :mad: I think this is very unfair, but the FBI said that since the Army put it on, only the Army can take it off.

What I want to know is whether this shows up on pre-employment background checks? Anyone have any idea?

Tks in advance,