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    Nov 10, 2005, 08:49 PM
    Police Or Prosecution Evidence Tampering
    Digital Photos in Discovery Package ALTERED!
    I am currently a defendant in a H&S case out of Riverside Ca. In a discovery package, provided after a crucial suppression hearing, I found pictures that had been digitally altered. These alterations are visible to the naked eye. When enhanced you can see that the pixels around the time stamp are larger. My digital tech who produces dvds for the consumer market, tells me that since it is a copy of a picture printed on photo paper that he can only speculate on what was done since he had no access to the disk with the original data. However he assures me that, altered they were. His belief is that the time stamp was a cut and paste picked up off something else and placed on these pics, when placed there, they were found to be out of scale and enlarged, hence the larger pixels. Now the funny thing is, that the time stamp only has the day of the month and the time, no year, no month. Has anyone ever seen anything like that? Now the thing is my attorney as well as my codefendant's attorney find nothing significantly amiss about this. NOBODY CARES THAT SOMEBODY IS GUILTY OF TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE! I am requesting that anyone with similar experience contact me with any potentially helpful info. Also I am seeking anyone who has had problems with perjury, search and seizure issues, or other police misconduct committed by the ARCNET task force, and in particular officer CHARLES SCIORTINO. WE MUST JOIN TOGETHER AND STOP THESE SYSTEMIC VIOLATIONS OF OUR RIGHTS!
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