I have a row of 6 white pine trees, each about 30 feet tall. My neighbor hired a tree trimming company to remove all limbs/foliage on the side of the trees facing her property. In-other-word all brances/limbs were clear cut back to the trunk of each tree from top to bottom. The trees are clearly with-in my property line but many branches did overhang her the property line on her side. I was not made aware of the pending trimming action and did not give permission to cut on my side of the property line.

The cutting was done from a bucket lift, in the air, but over the line on my property as everything was cut back to the tree trunks. The truck with the lift was parked on her property.

I have three questions regarding possible recourse. First the appearance of the trees has now been virtually destroyed , what can be done? Secondly, what if one or more trees die as a result of the heavy trimming? Finally because all the limbs were removed from one side of the trees the weight balance is now all contained on my side of the property line. What if a tree(s) fall because of this and lands on my property or my dwelling? I live in Chester county Pennsylvania.

Your advice will be appreciated.