Here's the situation;
I'm a 19yo student and was injured pretty bad in a mountain bike accident earlier this year leaving me with well over 120k in medical bills. My insurance did not cover it. My father purchased the insurance plan for me and I asked him specifically if it covered E.R. expsenses for situations like this and he said it did (of all things my father is a dr, not that its relevant in any way), turns out it doesn't. I am a dependent of my father and he is the lease holder on the condo I live in, so I technically live under his roof. I probably will not qualify for financial aide from the hospital because I am a dependent of his and if so it will not cover the bills 100%

Another thing to note is that when him and my mother divorced, in the paperwork he was responsible for 100% of my medical expenses as long as I was a full time student or 21. He ended up getting custody of me when I was 16 so that may or may not be relevant.

So can he be held responsible for these bills? I have also heard from a legal studies professor of mine that he may be responsible because he acted as an agent in that he purchased the plan for me and told me the coverage.