I am new here and am looking for advice or experience dealing with offensive odors coming from the condo next door. The folks, although very nice otherwise, are Indian, and they cook several times a day (sometimes all day) with currie. The odor is so strong that I am forced to close all my windows whenever they cook. I support anyone's right to cook what they want and expect to always run into cooking odors I do not like. However, the cooking is continuous. The odors are so continuous that the attic space above them (and me) is permiated, and the odor was coming into my unit through my ceiling fixtures. Sealing those fixtures solved that problem, but now that the weather is warming I can not enjoy any fresh air. Our bylaws do protect residents from offensive odors, but the Board is scared to bring the subject up for fear of discrimination. What about my rights to peaceful living? Am I the one being descriminated upon? I am an owner, and these folks rent. The owner of that unit is also Indian. Does anyone know if I have recourse? Has anyone dealt with this issue that can give me advice?

Thank You in advance,?