I have lived in a quant town house community for over 7 years now and never had any problems. I am in an end unit with a good amount of space between the next section of units (I personally have .14 acre). The other month a new person moved in across the yard and within two weeks of her moving in she called the cops on me. I hadn't even had an opportunity to formally introduce myself and all of a sudden I have the cops showing up to help me with that. At the time I had a lab, bull terrier and shiba inu as part of my furry family. The cop wasnít quite sure what the complaint was all about, but he checked out my situation and said that everything seemed to be in order. I have a stake in the back yard and then I would put the dogs on their leads so they could go to the potty and have some play time. He tried to pull on the stake and couldnít budge it. It was purchased from Petsmart and it was weighted for a couple hundred pounds of pressure. The leads I use are also weighted and they were purchased for about 15 pounds over what the dogs weighed. If he would have found that I was breaking any township ordinances I assume he would have told me about them. Later that day I saw her walking to her front door and ran across the yard to talk to her to see if I could figure out what was going on. She really wouldnít talk to me, but she did say that she ďfeared for her lifeĒ due to the dogs. I explained to her that they were on 15 foot leads and they get nowhere near her house. She said that she didnít care and walked into her house. About a week later the same cop shows up at my door telling me that she had called them once again. He said that he didnít understand what her problem was and that the only thing he could think of is that she had never been around dogs or had a bad experience with one at some point. I had to make arrangements for the dogs to find alternative housing since she was causing so many problems. I had my bull terrier at my parents house, but my brother decided to introduce another dog into the family and it just became too much for everyone. She is technically my dog so I decided to take her back to live with me a few weeks ago. I have been very, very, very careful when she is outside and if there is any chance my crazy neighbor might be around, we donít go out. All was going well until the other day when she inadvertently received some of my mail. She rang my doorbell and I opened the door. Well, any of you that have dogs may know that when a doorbell rings a dog usually barks. I opened the door and she said that she had some of my mail and that she would just leave it for me outside. I didnít say a word to herÖ not a peepÖ and she placed the mail on the table out front and walked away. I waited until she reached her property and then proceeded to open the door to get my mail before it blew away. Well, just when I thought things had settled down, I have the police knocking on my door once again. I donít know what is wrong with this lady and it really has 1)ticked me off and 2)made me fear taking my dog(s) outside of the house to go to the bathroom. There have never been any incidents with my dogs in the neighborhood, so if they had a reputation then I might be able to understand it. Anyone that has any advice as to what I can do would be greatly appreciated. I am at my wits end and donít want this to lead to going to court and taking the chance of losing my dog(s) over one sick individual.