My neighbor and his two teenage sons (ages 15 and 17yrs) have been looking in my windows for years. The children started when they were young and would look in my windows when they came in my yard to retrieve there balls and toys. Their father started six years ago or so after I put up a fence to stop the children from coming in my yard. Sometimes he (the father) stands in his driveway and looks in, other times he stands on his back porch and looks in, and oftentimes he parks his car in front of my house and looks in. The police have been notified on several occasions but they claim that my neighbor is not breaking any law as long as he is not on my property. Three days ago I found footprints in the snow coming from my neighbors driveway right up to my window. I called the police who witnessed the footprints but they still refused to file a complaint, even though when they talked to my neighbor, he admitted it was his 15 yr old son's footprints and stated his son was "just" getting his ball that had rolled in my yard. I do not want these folks on my property, parking in front of my house, and looking in my windows. My local police refuse to file any charges or complaints even though there are numnerous police reports over the years about this particular problem. What to do?