I run an english bulldog rescue and our city limit on dogs is 2. I have 2 and then will have a foster homes so the animals aren't staying here.

Our neighbors do not like us for whatever reason pretty much from day one. We have a share driveway and that doesn't help the relationship much but that is neither here nor there-just history of animosity.

The neighbors have called the dog warden on us five times in 3 years for false things. I told the dog warden I was sick of it: not that he isn't nice but he has better things to do than waste his time with their accusation. He said well, you can go before the judge and explain what is going on with the rescue, etc and that you don't have over the limit.

I went to court on Tuesday and lost because my neighbors had been taking pictures of me with my adopters coming to get their dogs. It looked like I had tons of dogs but not one of those dogs stayed with me.

Ok so with all that being said, is it legal for someone to take pictures of you without your permission. I am in OH and I am just fuming and feel so violated that someone would be so low to invade my privacy and my guests.