I need to file for bankruptcy as soon as possible and can't afford an attorney. I found this site "freemeanstesting.com" ZMT Processing company. It offers the zmt means test number 400 which includes the test, and they do all the paper work for you, all you have to do is sign it once they send it to you and send it to the court.

I need to know if this site is safe to give all my information to. Does anyone know how can I find that out, or has any of you ever used or know someone who used this site??
If all this is true and safe, then it would be a God sent site because as many of you knows, lawyers are expensive, I definitely can't afford one, and I can't do it myself because I have no idea how any of this works and I would be so confused trying to do all the paper work, and I definitely don't want any mistakes on it.

Does anyone know, please help me.