She came to my home and started accusing me of something that a phone call if made ,would have proved my innocence.. but instead of finding out first as she was moving her things out of my storage she insisted on calling me a thief and a lier.. I asked her to leave told her to come back with the police but she wouldn't go.. I should have called the police instead I put my hand behind her neck and pretty much told her she was lame and to find out the truth before calling people liers and thiefs right to her face ,up in her face her boyfriend called the police and I go to jail for touching her... WHEN I TOLD HER TO LEAVE NOW THE DAS TRYING ME FOR BATTERY I didn't even batter her yea I cuppled my hand behind her neck and told her what I thought but battery that seems messed up and I have no rights to her not leaving my property assault I can see maybe but battery seems too harsh is I cracked her yeah so I pleaded not guilty my first offense like this and the state files charges tommorrows the trial and they don't even need her they have pictures of her neck I don't know I'm guessing red she could have rubbed on it till they got there to make it red I'm right handed weak with my left which is the one I used and I don't know what to do this is ridiculous if they find me guilty will I be going back to jail?