My husband is about to be paroled soon, he has a interstate compact transfer put in for Wisconsin, he is coming from Illinois, and I should soon be having home inspection. My questions are this...

I have 4 dogs 3 large 1 small, is there any restrictions on size or breed?

3 of them are legit ESA dogs (emotional support animal) 1 for my son's anxiety and depression, 1 is my daughter's for panick, anxiety, and depression, 1 is mine for my PTSD, Panick, anxiety, as well he has been n extra benefit for my severe back issues. All are Dr Noted.

Now my daughter technically lives here but is barely ever home because she spends most of her time with her BF and theyare saving up to move into their own place in a year. So her dog I basically watch during the day, and when she is off work she comes to get her and off they go, she can't sleep without her.

I also have my kids God mother who stays with me. Will this be a problem?

What are the rules for dogs and is it OK to have other people living in the house?

Without husband included total of 3 (4 when my daughter feels like being home)? Any help would be greatly appreciated