Hello all,

Forgive me , first time using the site

I have an Issue with a neighbor harassing me and my family, we live in a townhouse/condo and we share a porch which is considered a common area unfortunately
Well this neighbor and his friends and family all hangout there smoking and drinking most of the day and get loud and tend to travel into my area and around my cars.

I've tried to speak with them several times till the situation escalated to where at this point I've had to call the police at least 6 times and have written many complaint letters to the condo management company, the condo management chooses to do nothing and says their not breaking the law or rules
Also the police have only ticketed them once and basically just tell them to quiet down
And as soon as they leave the harassment continues.
This has been going on for the last 4 months.

I just don't understand why the management company and the police choose to ignore the situation, while I have to worry about the safety of may family and pets.
Especially since one of the neighbors just got out of jail a few months ago.

Any advice, Please Help:(