I am in my redemption period on my home I have till April 23 to redeem. I can't redeem cause I have a 2nd mortgage against me for 30,000 that I am working on trying to get removed. I had an attorney since April 2006 he voleteerd to help me. I guess you get what you pay for cause I am no further then I was back in April. I am know trying to do it myself, I was told by the court administration I can request an emergency hearing. I just don't know what forms it is that I need to fill out. So what I am filing with the courts is the summons & complaint for declaratory relief, but not enough time to get in front of a judge before my redemption time. Can anyone please help me with what form and what I should do to get in front of a judge. Please . I also should say that I published in the paper cause was not able to contact her So I guess it would be a default hearing. I think. I live in Minnesota. Also it is civil

Thank You,