One son is executor of the will and both son's are beneficiaries and the will says that all assets must be divided evenly. Our family (the care takers/not the executor) believe that the executor is abusing his position. He has denied the other beneficiary copies of the death certificate, has moved the estate (over 100k) from 3 bank accounts into his own personal bank account and is dening access of the funds to the other beneficiary. There is still a home that needs to be sold, can the executor wait until the home is sold to divide the funds in the estate? What if the estate is deminished by this point? Also with the other assets that he has to divide evenly (such as guns, collectible coins, items in the home) "he" (the executor) gets to decide what is "even", correct? When the father passed away he was living with the other son, who he gave a gift to of 15000 to purchase a car for taking care of both parents, (this was 6 months prior to death) can the executor bring this up when dividing the estate? There is also jewelry that is "missing" from when the wife passed that is mentioned in the will (this jewelry was suppose to be in the safety deposit box of this "trustworthy executor") can that be accounted for or if the executor states its "lost" are we just out that jewelry? If the executor is stealing money from the estate what do we need to do from this point? And last but not least, Why does the parent always trust the wrong child :(