I own a business in the state of AZ and a branch of that business in the state of CO. My business statutes from both states require me to be a resident in both states if I want to work. I earn monies in both states and I am in AZ for 2 weeks and then in CO for 2 weeks. I cannot actually work in CO when I am there and have to pay someone else to do it. I have everything established in AZ and I am an AZ resident. If when I go to CO (where I rent another home) I would like to work as well and not have to hire someone. It would save me a lot of money if I could do it myself when I am in CO every 2 weeks. Both of these states touch each other. I would like to know how to establish residency in both states. I am aware that it is hard due to voting restrictions. Is there a way to sign something that states that I will only vote in 1 of the states? This seems to be the only restriction that I can see that would keep me from having dual residency. As I stated before I am in each state an equal amount of time. But not for any of the required 90 days straight that each state requires.