My brother moved in with me last August. It was supposed to be just for a couple of months so he could put some money together to move to Colorado. He said he had quit drinking and smoking( which is why I kicked him out several months before this) and he had goals( moving to CO). I fell for it, I wanted to see him get back on his feet after a bad divorce so I let him. Needless to say he's drinking, smoking and selling his RX pain killers to my neighbors! I asked him to move out and he went online and found that in AZ I can't legally kick him out without going through the full eviction process. There is no lease, no agreement in writing of any kind. I was told that as long as his personal belongings are in the house he can't be thrown out. I've considered moving all his stuff to a storage unit and handing him the keys to his new residence, but I.m not sure how legal that is either. How do I get him out of my house without causing legal hassels for myself?