I recently applied for an apartment. I was denied because it showed I had 3 unlawful detainers 2 of them were dated while I still residing at the residence and the most recent in January of 2010. I was not served and was not aware of the UL. I need to have these removed from my record and was told I need to file a motion to set aside the judgment. I am not sure where to go and the eviction was filed after the company was reported to Envirnomental Services and there were several violations. I was informed by the housing department that I was able to withhold rent until the repairs had been completed. The company was notified and fixed 3 of the 9 violations and then 2 weeks later I received something from the court advising an eviction had been filed and when I went to respond that day, I was informed that I would not be able to because the papers had been filed and I was in default