I have neighbor who is harassing me about my dogs. He really trying to distract his wife from the fact that he is having an affair with the women on th other side of him. So he daily tells his wife took keep an eye on me because of the dogs. He has lied to police on a number of occasions and I have even gotten a ticket I have to go to court on. The poop was at least five days old and not two hours like he said my dogs did I took pictures of the poop and my dogs poop I have huge dogs and so the poop would nt be tiny I also have a witness that I was not even home at the time he lied and said that I walked my dogs and let my dog poop. The other night I was walking my dog he ran out the house with a video camera and starting filming going down the street starting dog. He waits by the window every night for me to come walk past and stares if not starting video camera. I called the cops and told them that I have been harassed and lied on and that howes now video taping me. They went and talked to him took his side He is manipulator and the cops did not seem to bright . The cop came back to me and said if you walk your dog in front of this house it will look like your starting starting stuff another way I live right down the street form a park and would have to walk six blocks around to a void walking in front of his house. I think my rights are being violated. THe neighbor has said that he would make me get rid of my dogs. What advise could you give anyone.