Of first of all our neighbor lives 2 doors down from us, they have lived here for 2 yrs. When they moved in I became friends w/ his wife, our kids played together, they became best friends, the husband is frequently out of town for weeks at a time on bussines, until recently past few months he has been home. I know for a fact he abuses his wife, she tried to leave so many times with no luck but that is another story, anyway, we have had run ins with this jerk 3 times now, first time we had a car that was not completely paid off yet and not running sitting in our garage we bought from a friend he went behind our backs and paid the man double what he offered it to us and ordered us to give him the car so shocked he did this we had to let it go all the while he is being an to us. The second time, my husband is out mowing the lawn, their son runs by on his bike and my husband almost hit him w/ the mower the wife comes up and my husband tells her to watch out for her son because he almost hit him w/ the mower, she goes and tells her husband that he cussed out her kid and forbid him from being on the side walk! The husband comes down gets nose to nose w/ my husband cursing him out and threatening him and my husband just says "hey i don't know what she told you but that is not what happened" needless to say I did not speak to her for a while because it seems every time they are together there is trouble like she morphs into his drone?
Next time was just yesterday apparently someone called the police on him and as my husband was leaving for work here he comes again accusing him of calling! My husband kept his cool, did not respond until I came back from my morning walk and heard the man yelling from 2 blocks away! I came up and orderd him off our property he said he was going to kick my fat too, and I could not contain my fury any longer, I told him off and he threatened to kick my husbands at work and anyone else who tried to stop him, he is crazy, so I went to the police and filed harassment charges against him, he says the cops can't do anything to him he'll kick there asses too, he has pulled a gun on his own wife and tried to run her over w/ the car, he said he was going to do the same to my husband if he catches him alone. My husband is a little scared, I am not I grew up with an alcoholic abusive father, this man is nothing to me but I am worried he may do something to my husband before the cops can stop him. Is there anything else I can do legally? We are going to buy a taser gun and pepper spray.:confused: