My Mother In Law Recently Passed Away And Her Estate Is In Probate And I And My Son And His Pregnant Girlfriend Live In The House And Code Enforcement Is Constantly On Us Even Though We Are Trying Very Hard To Clean The Place Up The Yard Actually Looks Nice For Once We Have a Car That Was Wrecked And It Has A Car Cover Over It He Has Treatened To Write Me Up On It If It Is
Not Gone By June 3 He Sent Me A Letter Back In March Telling Me That I Had To Get My Mother In Laws Dogs Registered With The City And That I Had Until The 2nd Of This Month And The 2nd Of Next Month To Get This Done Well On The 13th Of Last Mont He Wrote Me A Citation On The Dogs For Not Having Them Registered With The City He Sent That Citation To Me Now I Have Explained To Him That My Mother In Laws Estate Is In Probate At This Time And Those Dogs Are Part Of Her Estate And That Legally Im Not Suppose To Do Anything With Them Cause There Has Not Been An Appointment Of A Person To Take Care Of The Estate Now If This Isn't Herrassement Then What Is And What Can I Do About It?