Complicated questions.

6 almost 7 years I was convicted of aggravated battery. 60 days county jail and the remainder of a year on probation. With restitution and court fee's the be paid before release from probation.

I completed probation with no blemish's and paid restitution on time as well as court fee's I was as quote a model probate. And the end of my sentence the charges were to be lowered to a misdemeanor assault I believe all though I don't remember. I haven't even been convicted of a traffic offense since. And in fact have made several friends inside the police force in the last 2 years providing info to help clean up my own neighborhood.

My question is can I own a rifle for hunting purpose's possibly a handgun? Or do I need to go through the process of having my record expunged.

If anyone is capable of running my background check I would be glad to provide you the information needed. I have a 480 credit score and no checking or banking accounts so I'm not worried about identity theft. :D

Any help or information is appreciated thank you.